started PPL on monday - - - so far so good


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Congrats man! You guys have earned it...I'm actually jealous I can't be there sooner. So yeah, I was impressed with the whole operation. I like the fact that the chief pilot has such a close watch over the private program. Lots of intensity and experience right from the beginning, without losing the fun and laid back atmosphere. I did stop by "the barracks" too, looks like a nice pad. I'm about to set up the financing and start taking my writtens here really soon. So I'm all about the studying right now, so I'll be ready for anything in January when I start. One thing I guess I forgot to ask...are you all planning on stickin' around JAX for the career program as well? That seems to be where all the action goes down...anyway keep up the good work and like I said before I might be one of your students in five months! I'll guarantee whoever instructs me will make the easiest checkride bonus too...


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Yeah, I'm gonna stick around jax to do my career portion. I just finished up my 85 hours today to the minute. I'm kinda sad it's over already. Man did it go fast. A month and a half ago, I had .6 TT, now I have 85.6 six weeks later.
I have a three week vacation until I start the ACPP. I'm gonna go back to PA to relax with friends and study the instrument written, my last written to take. Then it's back to jax to get my ass kicked by the ACPP. It's gonna be awesome.


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Hi Robair!

Congrats on getting your private!

Now the hard stuff start.

Could you do me a favor?
If you are in Jacksonville can you say hello to Jody from Gil. She is an instructor. I think she does only ME students. We both graduated 3 months ago. I cant get a hold of her

I wish you the best of luck and study hard!
Especialy for the oral portion of the commercial.




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Thanks Gil. I flew with her for two days burning up my time. I'm not in JAX at the moment, but will be returning within a few days to tell her. I start the Career portion on Monday.

My car is holding me up in PA. Transmissions, gotta love them.