Spirit Contract Now

Shares. I feel like this is a more predictable gamble with Spirit. It's gonna have to go back up again or Spirit merges, in which case the combined entity stock will go high. Either way, it's gonna go way above $30. I don't see an ultimate crash / BK scenario.

This hurricane and the damage coming to FLL is NK headquarters so the stock may tank more for the short term.
Would have been a good time to buy in the 20-range for sure, but the only reason for the initial run-up from mid-20's to 40's was merger speculation (ran up after Bloomberg report of JBLU / ALK as potential acquirers), not it's strength as a standalone entity. It finally closed at $57/share as that's what ALK paid.
The VX stock even before the first hint of merger talks, was already in the 30-mid 40 range. It then came down in lower 30s to upper 20s.

Hell, even the guys who on stock market day 1 bought the stock at $23/share, it opened at $27 and closed for the day at exactly 30. Many guys took the automatic sell option at 5pm / business close and cashed out, knowing it would most likely go up. That was a $7 profit per share for those guys in one day.


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I'm not holding my breath, that I'll exchange my ID badge anytime soon.

Also, this strike vote tomorrow will be interesting. Sorry, @Cruise , I couldn't vote due to my leave status.
Too bad; although I'm fairly certain the numbers will be overwhelmingly in favor of strike anyway. We'll know in a little more than an hour.


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Details of meeting?
"At 1230 on Saturday morning negotiations broke off without a deal. The Negotiating Committee will provide a full Crew Brief over the weekend. We ask that everyone please remain professional and think of our Spirit ALPA families affected by Hurricane Irma.

The strike authorization vote passed with 100% of the pilots voting to agree to allow the MEC to call for a strike when and if legally allowed."
Where do I find this proposal?
Email from Bendo.
If you don't have it, pm me your email. I'll forward it.
My opinion...
Those will be the rates, however the soft pay issues and other benefits have yet to be agreed upon.
I'll give up Line bidding for PBS, for considerably better soft pay. Those pay rates, PBS and basic status quo on current CBA.
If you have PBS, by default you won't have any conflicts because stuff is pre-assigned.

Okay, so it sounds like management wants to sell out the farm and get PBS, in exchange for......... Allegiant rates?

That won't cut it.


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I much prefer PBS to line bidding as long as vacation increases in line

Your experiences with PBS could be great or it could absolutely suck

I would be cautious on holding out too long for incremental improvements. Get a decent contract with a shorter time period perhaps with a me too clause and be done with it. Swinging for the fences rarely works out in pilots favor.
I much prefer PBS to line bidding as long as vacation increases in line

Your experiences with PBS could be great or it could absolutely suck
My experience with Flica PBS is absolutely terrifically awesome. No joke.

I'm dreading if we switch to AS line bidding system. AS pilots voted away pay protection for vacation and month transitions. So stuff that touches still drops, but you are responsible for adding trip(s) to your line to get it back above 75 hrs. Absolute horse poop! I'd MUCH rather have a PBS system than deal with adding crap back to a line.