Southwest just overran at KBUR again


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EMAS caught them. They're lucky. I hope they weren't high or fast. It was raining hard this morning.


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News headline will be "Passenger says plane was only feet away from taking out cars" or "Plane narrowly avoids cars in Burbank", based on that instagram caption.

I feel bad for the crew. Glad to see no injuries.


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5,800 ft is already crazy. BUR runway 8. SNA's primary runway. And the garage in SAN preventing an ILS for 27. Use eminent domain to force people out, and make these runways at least 6,500+ and get rid of that garage.

..........or continue to see stuff like this happen again and again.


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My friend was an instructor in the training department there and said they've had systemic issues with their safety culture. Run the landing data for wet runways and go around if things look hinky. Not the place to come in hot and have a floater.


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Back in the early '90s I used to sit in a fuel truck parked at the edge of the ramp next to that blast fence and do my homework while I waited for Skywest Metroliners to arrive. I think two airplanes have gone through that fence and ended up across the street, the Southwest 737 and a Lear back in the late '70s. Urban myth was the Captain in the Lear got out and walked into a liquor store that used to be there, bought himself a bottle of Jack Daniels and vacated the area on foot.


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Last week I was at EWR with one of my associates who isn't an aviation person - as we were driving back to the airport I pointed out the EMAS and explained to her what it did in typical #avgeek fashion. Just showed her this picture and said "see?"


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It rains there? I’d be curious what the contaminated landing distance is for standing water. I know it’s grooved, but if you get unlucky and land in a heavy rain band, that overwhelmed the grooves ability to channel the water bueno.