Southwest Airlines dropping peanuts from its flights


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Oh the humanity....

Southwest Airlines dropping peanuts from its flights

Get your free peanuts while you can.
Beginning Aug. 1, Southwest Airlines will stop serving the complimentary snack offered on flights since the airline’s founding in the 1960s, according to a rather wistful Monday statement.
“Peanuts forever will be part of Southwest’s history and DNA,” the airline says, per the San Francisco Chronicle, adding the “difficult decision” was made “to ensure the best on-board experience for everyone, including customers with peanut-related allergies.”
Several other airlines have already removed peanuts from flights as a courtesy to those with allergies. Just last year, Delta swapped peanuts for almonds.
However, CBS DFW notes “free packs of peanuts are part of what defines Southwest Airlines.” Indeed, the airline’s marketing campaigns have stressed that fliers pay “peanuts” in airfare and get the added bonus of free nuts.
Southwest fliers must now be content with free pretzels, or free cookies on longer flights, per the Chronicle.

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It's about time.

Considering that the peanut-free SSR seems to be increasingly popular (2 of the 3 flights I've ridden on in the last 2 weeks have had that SSR), the darned things don't justify their participation in the empty weight/operating weight/whatever SWA call it-weight.

(I'm told peanuts are back on SJI, incidentally.)


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Wait, Whaaaaat?!? What’s next, no emotional support peacock or black mamba??:eek:

What about my safe place, engraved trophy or participation certificate just for showing up and getting to my flight on time?


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I follow the hygiene hypothesis and inability of immune systems to cope. I think we need to stop protecting the children and get them to eat diverse foods and play outside again. Then in a few generations, we can have baggies of peanuts that we take to our space colonies.
I do as well. My wife was telling me that they're now recommending that you give your kids peanuts before one. Interesting when you read about the benefits of having pets in the house for helping to build your kid's immune system too.

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Is there really that many more people now with peanut allergies, or is it the cool thing to do now a days like having a gluten intolerance?
Middle brother had a rather severe allergy to them when he was younger; we've never bothered to confirm whether or not it still is a thing since it was severe when he was a little one. Avoidance and continued issuance and availability of EpiPens > a test that might kill him.