Some updates at DCA....


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I was instructing then and I don't remember a meeting about that. In fact, I have never heard of disenrollment numbers at any of our meetings be it weekly or monthly. Now I was just a plain ol' instructor so maybe that was a meeting that involved group leaders and managers but I don't think it was for regular instructors.

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Shizzle, from what was said it was during a regularly scheduled instructor meeting. I don't know how they work there, do they have separate group meetings (ie private, inst, comm)? Most are at night from what I recall, so some can't attend if they're flying. Another thought is the weekly meeting was "extra" customer service oriented that night, so some instructors may have inquired why the different format, and they were told management requested it due to the high disenrollment figures that month. On another note, looking back, I'm inclined to think some of the instructors there are just as responsible (if not more) for the rumor mill at DCA than the students. What are your thoughts on that, and do you remember roughly what the student enrollment figures were at that time, just curious if the 250 number I threw out there was close or not?


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There are weekly instructor meetings that are broken up by groups. Once a month, there is one meeting for the entire instructor group that includes management, chief pilot, etc. There may have been a meeting of an individual group but it was definately not the whole instructor group.

You are correct, the instructor group is just as responsible for the rumors as the students are. However, the rumors fly just as much if not more at the regionals too. In the short time I've been here, I've heard some real whoppers and I'm sure they are the same everywhere else, you just have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

As far as the 250 number I really have no clue. That may be correct but I have never really seen an active enrollment list. As far as disenrollments go, DCA has alot but I remember reading soem gov't. study that 75% of beginning students do not finish flight training regardless of where they go. So you have to factor that in to the equation too.


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the 500 number is close i think, but that would include the branch campuses as well. the last numbers i heard here at the main campus were about 250, so if you include the other four bases 500 seems about right. the next few enrollments plus 47 new chineese students should increase that number and at worst keep the numbers even with those that graduate/drop out.


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some updated student numbers from someone "in the know" around here that asked not to be named. you will all just have to trust me on these numbers as someone who has always been straight up with info i provide here, both positive or negative...

SFB - 339 (excluding the 47 Chinese about to arrive)
HWO - 89 (active)
JAX - 119 (active)
DAY - 45 (active)
EWB - 149 (active)
HOU - 94 (active)

TOTAL - 835

these numbers look pretty good to me about the strength of the academy....