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Titanius Anglesmith
Still the same as it was before...
Which is to say that for the majority of reserves who don’t have 5 days between RAPs/work blocks that it is not impossible to be legally assigned a trip that falls outside of your normal RAP times which might necessitate a change in commuting habits. To be honest though, outside of consolidation hours it was rare that I ever got anything assigned more than 1 or maybe 2 days out and always within my current work block.

Thankfully the company’s handling of the matter made my decision on whether or not to put in my upgrade bid much easier as there’s no way I plan on going back to commuting to reserve.

Cory Trevor

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Well I kind of take back what I said about my captain schedule being terrible. I spent one full month on reserve then got a line in July and composite in August. I have 15 days off both months and got weekends off that I needed.