Skyeton Aircraft

Shane Cassell

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I'm looking for anyone who knows of a Skyeton K-10 Swift aircraft in the United States, preferably in the Midwest, and even more preferably near Chicago. I would like to look at one in person to feel it out a little.

The aircraft is Ukrainian made, but they have sales in the US according to their website.

Anything helpful is appreciated!
Shane. Just happened across your post while I was trying to see if Skyeton ever developed a US presence as I was told that they would when I first came across them in 2009 at the Sebring LSA Expo. I don't believe that this brand ever got much of a foothold here despite it being a very viable contender for this market. I had the opportunity to actually get over to their factory in Kiev where I was supposed to take a demo ride while in that city. However military activity over the local GA airport that day precluded the flight. Thought that you might enjoy the article about that attempt that I posted on my blog a half dozen years ago. Here is the web address for that article along with an uploaded pdf file of that post 1st, 2009 - Kiev, Ukraine - Ponimaesh po Russki .pdf

Good luck in your search.

Frank Caruso