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Skydive Cessna Turbo 206 Pilot

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I am looking for a Skydive pilot that can start work as soon as possible. You would be flying 2 Cessna Turbo 206s for a Sky Dive operator based in KGCN, Grand Canyon Airport.

Minimum Requirements:

Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Airplane Single Engine Land rating
High Performance Endorsement

Preferred Qualifications:

Cessna 206 time
Turbocharged time
Skydive experience
Single-Pilot time
Instrument Rating

Please email your resumes to: matthew.tensfeldt@gmail.com
Please send your questions to me via PM or the above email address.


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Finishing up a skydiving gig here in the Midwest but I wouldn't be available until Nov., unless I'm released earlier.
Is this a contract position and how much flight time are the pilots getting in a month?


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Where do your pilots live? Do you have staff accommodations on the south rim? Valle? Flagstaff?


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I am really only asking this out of curiosity, since chances are your CSEL-holding candidates will have an IR anyway....is there a specific reason you need an IR for this gig?