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debrideing definitely sucks. I had it for second degree burns that were getting infected, which the nerve endings are all there and present for the pain. Like people have said, it’s pain even with local anesthetic.

On a separate note, the Ronald McDonald house project does yeoman’s work when it comes to families of those in the hospital. Doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

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“Get ready to feed this vampire!!! And here is the number to call to set up a platelet donation:

Unimaginable to me ... burned over 80% of her body, inhalation injury to her respiratory system from the fire ... and she had the presence of mind to save as many of the pets she loved as possible. I believe Hannah is 21, and still in critical condition at Westchester County Medical Center.

Bob Ridpath

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Most recent update concerning Hannah, posted by her sister, Sarah:

“Good evening fellow creatures of the night

Today "the mummy" got some new dressings so she was unavailable for most of the day. Turns out dressing changes can be quite a workout for patient and nurse together.

However, she's still such a fighter and mom finished another blanket for her. When you have very little skin, you can't really regulate your body temperature that well!

When I left Hans for the night, she was sleeping and the amazon echo was playing Green Day music as her lullaby

In the meantime, we all have a busy week to prepare for: there's a blood drive on Tuesday 9/17, Dad's memorial Saturday 9/20 morning, and a line dancing fundraiser on 9/20 night! So grab your matcha/coffee/red bull and get ready to hit the ground running!

If you can't attend an event, please spread the word and share the info if possible. If you have any problems doing so, just let me know! I suck at this whole "social media" thing now but I'm trying my best!

From my family to yours, have a great night and hope you have a pleasant Monday!

-Sarah ”

Bob Ridpath

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Current update from the Bocker family:

“A very early morning here because they are prepping Hannah for surgery #3!
Legs and right arm today!
Keep Hannah in your thoughts today :)


On a separate note, the Ronald McDonald house project does yeoman’s work when it comes to families of those in the hospital. Doesn’t get the credit it deserves.
I always drop in some change. The Kroc centers and Ronald McDonald houses are great for the communities.

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Most recent update from Hannah’s family (Wed, 09/18):

“Captain's log: Star date: 73180.4

Post-yesterday's surgery with the senior medical team Westchester, the fierce pyro-warrior continues to rest. We call her "Hannah" as she is unable to speak verbally, but seems to answer or accept that as a name.

Though her battle was intense, she still remains the only victor with the title "Airborne Vehicle Annihilator" and we believe it wise to let her refuel her energy reserve so she can prepare for her future hostile endeavours. We remain ever vigilant by her side for support and for fear that if she wakes in confusion, she may take out the whole crew with her incredible strength and energy.

Live long and prosper. ”

Bob Ridpath

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Most recent update from Hannah’s sister, Sarah (Sunday, 09/22). As you read these thoughts, keep in mind that Hannah will likely be hospitalized for the next TEN MONTHS (should all continue in a positive fashion). She faces ten to a dozen surgeries still to come.

“Sorry for the lack of chit chat. I've been too busy TALKING WITH HANNAH!!!

OK not talking like normal people buuuuuut she got a tracheotomy so she can mouth words now!!! And when she's awake, SHE WON'T SHUT UP!!!

Don't worry, I love it. I love that my sister has come so far already. But it still really early in her recovery and she is still in isolation, so don't get too excited. She definitely isn't walking out the door any time soon unfortunately.

On another note, thank you to everyone for coming out to our father's memorial yesterday. It was so much to handle for Wil and I; both of us are physically and emotionally wiped out. Mom continues to hold steady at Hannah's side, but I'm thankful for all of her friends and comrades that come and make her smile from time to time.

The whole family has a lot of work to do this week: surgeries, therapies, traveling, etc.

But we are and will continue to be so incredibly thankful for the amazing community around us.

Please stay tuned for future adventures here with the Bocker family! We have a lot of plans to projects to tell you all about!

Toodles noodles,

Sarah ”

Bob Ridpath

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Update, 09/28. Five surgeries down; an untold number still to go.

“Finally got to see Hans after a big surgery #5 and getting her dressings done. Long day for the kiddo.

But I was so happy when she said she wanted to see me. Even though I lost my voice today, I went in there and asked her "Do you want to see all the people who were thinking of you and praying for you during your surgery today?" She mouthed "yes" so I showed her all the beautiful comments and messages and pictures everyone sent her today during her surgery and I think it made her happy. I told her "See? You're never alone babe!" I also gave her a Disney infinity figure of Sulley from Monsters Inc. I let her choose between Mike or Sully, so naturally she chose Sulley. Then I told her "I will keep Mike with me and you keep Sully and just think of me giving you a pep talk just like in the movie! 'You're the boss! You're the big, hairy boss!'" She smiled. So now this Mike Wazowski and I are best buddies, just like Hans and I are. And when I waive Mike at her, she knows I got her back. And when I'm feeling crappy, i got Mike to inspire me to be strong for Hannah.
#hannahsfight #hannahshurricanes #familyforever #sisterpower”

Bob Ridpath

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Anyone kinda’ local ... hell, from ANYwhere ... wants to fly into 44N or Dutchess County ... err Hudson Valley Regional Airport (POU) to give a pint, be happy to pick you up, provide transportation and buy lunch or dinner. If you’re a dog person, I can even provide a rustic crash pad for the night. PM, even last minute.


Bob Ridpath

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Update, 10/03, from Hannah’s sister:

“So for my birthday, I asked Hannah if I could paint her toes. She picked out the colors:

holotaco royal-tea blue and linear holo.

I think they came out pretty nice if I do say myself. Figured she would like some rainbows on her toes to get her through surgery #6: today.

Hannah was eager to get going with surgery #6. She can't wait to get the heck out of here for sure. She communicates via lip reading and a laser pointer on a visor, so for the last 2-3 days we've been busy keeping her company and "talking" with her. From what I can tell, this surgery, and the next one, and the one after that... they can't stop her.

If a plane can't stop Hannah Bocker, nothing can.

Please keep Hans in your thoughts and prayers today. That girl has big plans and we can't let anything stand in her way ”

Bob Ridpath

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Surgery 6 apparently navigated successfully:

“So after a seriously long AF day of waiting (plus more than a headache for the family), I'm pleased to announce that Hannah came out of surgery successfully!!!

She was incredibly happy despite the pain and is looking forward to all of her projects and goals after she's out of here.

Thank you for all of the support!!! I'm sure Hannah will enjoy hearing all of your messages tomorrow after she rests up!

Peace out, homeslices!!!

-Sarah ”



Keep the updates coming, Bob! I'm hoping and praying that Hannah makes as full of a recovery as possible. She seems like one tough cookie!

Bob Ridpath

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Update from Hannah’s sister, 10/10:

“Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to surgery #7 we go...

Hans is not thrilled or motivated as usual because it's a lot of pain, but I told her that everyone will be hoping and praying for her right along side her today.

Get your pompoms ready!

Thank you everyone :)

Bob Ridpath

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Update, 10/11:

“Tomorrow's a big day!!! Make sure everyone eats a good meal and drinks plenty of water beforehand!

I'm going to be attending, and hopefully donating, all day tomorrow. Please stop by and come get a hug/thank you, donate some blood or anything you want me to bring down to the RMH (including your soda tabs!!!), and check out my outfit ‍♀

Just want to say thanks now, before I get swamped, to all the help, organization and love that went into this event. Hannah took a bunch of units in yesterday's surgery alone, and that was the 7th surgery already! This community has done nothing but be kind and generous and I can't thank you all enough. I truly miss being home, here, in Dutchess.

Now let's fill the NYBC blood banks and give those immunohematologists some work to do tomorrow!!! #TapThoseVeins!!!

Let's break the current record of 77 units collected by WJHS last month!!!

-Sarah — feeling thankful with Wil Bocker and Barrie Bocker.“

Bob Ridpath

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Update from family (10:15pm, 10/18):

“Surgery finished at 5:30p today a total of 9.5 hrs. They were able to graft both hands , her right arm and check a spot on lower back. She is in OR for another hr than recovery. BP and breathing were good. Now just waiting to see her when she wakes up . Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. She enjoys receiving cards in mail so please keep sending them.

80 Woods Rd PO BOX 299
Valhalla, NY 10595”

Bob Ridpath

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Update from family (11:45am, 10/19):

Extremely rough past 24 hrs for Hannah. She is in extreme pain from surgery on her hands . Praying for relief of the pain so she can rest.”

Just one hell’uva rough road to travel for one so young ... for anyone, I guess:(

Bob Ridpath

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Update from sister, Sarah (10/24, 06:30):

“Baby steps. That's what we are focusing on.

Another late night in the burn unit. Hans and I spoke about everything. She really appreciates it when people can understand/read her lips so I'm trying my best to give her that as much as possible.

Though hospital life is full of fear and anxiety, I showed her what Headspace was and sat through a meditation with her. Kinda hard to do when you're on a vent, but she at least tried and that's as good as anything.”