Should I?


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Assuming I end up getting the time off, my better half will be coming with me. Like Emily said, it can't hurt for them to put a face on your crazy interweb friends.


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She'll be hit on, and find a much hotter guy. Your relationship will suffer and you very well may lose her forever.


Yes, bring her. . .


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yes. She'll have a good time and she'll get to know all those weird people you hang out with on the internet and won't freak out next time you say you're going to meet your internet friends.


Just don't stay at the Hawthorne Suites ;)


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This way she knows that the people that are your "friends on the internet" are actually real. Be careful though, she may get creeped out when you start talking to someone like you've known them for years, when it's really the first time you met. ;)