Shopping list for Mike and the 12 A-10 pilots


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I was born and raised about an hour from Columbus, so I more or less bleed scarlet and grey. Dont get me wrong man, I wasnt and am not taking anything away from Michigan at all. They are a great team and did pretty much everything right that day. I knew it would be a tough day for the Bucks no matter what happened.

Sorry to the other folks for taking this off-topic....

Next year year.....


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Ohio State was one of two most over ranked teams in the top 25 this year, the other being Nebraska. So it was great for me to see Solich fired and Ohio State losing again, should have been a couple more times too.

Back on topic, my cousin is in Iraq and has been for some time. He likes those baby wipes a lot. My mom and I sent him a couple packs of those, along with the charmin small travel toliet paper rolls. I think where he is at is a little more laid back, he has a laptop, TV and a x-box to play with.


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Just a little FYI...

If you decide to send a small bottle of booze to anyone on a ship at sea, make sure you wrap it in a lot of paper so that the person recieving the package doesn't get a box of broken glass that smells like wild turkey and have to try and explain it to a large group of master chiefs...Just a little hint.