SFO-bound flight comes close to landing on wrong runway

Heard the tapes, sounds like they were told to expect the left, but then instructions came at them for the right all of a sudden. While "28R" was read back each time, me thinks they may have left the ILS 28L set up and flown it. NorCal was pretty busy and the AM crew got several vectors in succession, may have just slipped their mind.

Still, no harm no foul. No TCAS alert, didn't get insanely close to another aircraft like Air Canada, and complied with all instructions for an uneventful return, this time unlike (the second) Air Canada. I can't tell you how many go-arounds SFO sees in a month with this runway config, the controllers either have to really push it or everyone sits around 5+ minutes between departures. Sometimes it just isn't going to work out the way ATC hoped, and guys do a swooping go-around because the guy ahead rotated very late, then have to do a sweeping low turn to get off track from the departure. Looks impressive, but never ends up on the news. Because again, nothing happened. Something COULD have happened, but the people who get paid to make sure things bad don't happen saw to it that way. So a crew made a mistake, ATC caught the mistake, the crew complied, and nothing happened. But because 28s at SFO, everyone connects it to a crew switching from tower to ground on final and a crew visually lining up with a taxiway at night, because again, SFO, and thus, news.