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I did my seaplane single-engine commercial add-on last weekend with Tom Brady in Traverse City, MI, and lucked out with the weather by the way.

I went there having heard the positive experiences which many have had getting the add-on with him. It was straight-forward, no tricks, and both the training and flying were awesome. It's definitely a must for anyone who has hobbies in boating and aviation. Now I am almost motivated to go out and buy my own seaplane!
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Technically and legally, yes.
Holding an ASEL CFI is authorised to do instruction in ASES.

I doubt any school will allow that.
I doubt they would too. I doubt any school would allow any CFI to instruct in anything without first checking them. However, that wasn't the point.

The point was that there is no such thing as an ASEL CFI. Back in the early 70's, there wasn't even such a thing as an ASE CFI. The only rating on a CFI would say "AIRPLANE". But, too many CFI's would add multiengine to their pilot certificate and start instructing in them. The accident rates were unacceptable and the FAA revised the CFI certificate ratings to specify single or multiengine.

Most pilots know what category, class, and type mean, but what is the ASE and AME without regard to land or sea called. I've seen it referred to as "groups" in FAA publications, but it's not defined in FAR Part 1.