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Hello all,

I am interested in becoming a flight dispatcher which would be a huge change of career. I have done some research about the job and have decided to go to school to get my license. Any recommendations on what school to go to in NY? I believe there are three options Academics of Flight International, FlightSafety International, and Vaughn College ATI. Also, I am interested in touring a flight operations center in the rea. Any suggestions on how to go about this? I have been working as a software engineer since graduation from college and have no connections within the aviation industry other than maybe my dad who is an engineer at Boeing. Also, does anyone have insight into the entry-level job market in the NYC area (I have researched enough to know that I should be looking into regionals)? Thanks in advance!


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Both Flight Safety and Vaughn College are very well Regarded. But Flight Safety is more flexible with different schedules while Vaughn sticks to the strict College semesters timetable. Good luck. And for Regionals on the East coast, I hear Cape air is a option or Commut Air or Piedmont.

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Vaughn college does a 9-4 Monday-Thursday schedule and Commutair was a good starting place for me with an easy commute. They are located just off the airport in CLE with a hotel shuttle that Commutair employees can use and easy flight in and out of LGA or EWR


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CommutAir is a good, small regional. They only have twentyish aircraft, but I loved the people there when I did my time there. It doesn't hurt that United owns a portion of them. Also, Cleveland is a prety good place to live. A bunch of good, down to earth people.


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All three are good options. I got my ticket at Vaughn. Many of the dispatchers on my floor have gotten their DX with Jim at Academics of Flight and I've heard very good things. He works with your schedule and financial situation.

As for startups in the NYC area; you can start at a part 135 shop in TEB or you can start at an entry level position (ramp/gate agent) at jetBlue and work your way up. I started on the ramp at B6 in 2011 and worked my way up into the SOC and eventually dispatch since last year. The company really support internal growth if that's the route you'd want to take.


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Basically what Rogo just said, I tried Vaughn out but with my work schedule it was next to impossible. I'd leave work at 0700 to make it to class at 0900 but with traffic I was JUST making it on time and then leave class between 1500 and 1600 to make it home at 1645 1745 with enough time to shower nap and eat to be up for work at 2000... it was a lot.


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Your best move is to go with Jim at Academics of Flight in Long Island City. He works with you schedule and makes sure you learn what he’s teaching you. JetBlue sends their people to him to get their tickets. When I was there all the other people were JetBlue employees, except for one other who was from Republic. I was the only non-aviation there. Give him a call and talk with him, you won’t be sorry, I promise you this.


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JetBlue doesn't send people anywhere, they choose to go there on their own based on word of mouth.
Ok, my mistake. But I will say there were 7 JetBlue employees taking the dispatch course while I was there.