Saturday's NetworkJC Venue Information Forthcoming!


Cap, Roci
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Stay tuned for venue information!

Details we do know: It's at the MGM GRAND.

We'll be able to find out in a couple more hours which room the event will be in a couple more hours.

Once we find out, we'll post the information here and also send another text message out to people who registered!

(Oww, I need about four more hours of sleep and a few dozen aspirin!)


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I am currently at Gordon Biersch brewery near Flamingo and Paradise. Good brews and I can just barely pull in the wireless signal from the Marriot Residence Inn. I got the text message, room 441, MGM Grand, 0300Z on the 23rd Z date. I'll try to hold down the fort here until my battery runs out in a couple of hours. See ya'll soon.