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Hey Everybody!
If you're like me, you can't find an examiner with an availability in any kind of reasonable time frame! But I hit a home run with Ron! He's local to Dallas, came out amidst all of this Corona scare and took care of two of exams for me. One private, one Commercial applicant. They both had the typical checkride jitters, but Ron did a great job during the meet and greet sharing some background info; and as he's an airline pilot, had some great insight and advice for these two for their career paths.
Ron called looking for a multi add-on for his son, and we got to talking and I found out he was an examiner. I asked him to for a couple of time slots and with no delay he had a range of dates to choose from! It was perfect, and there were no tricks or gotchas, very scenario based, real world type scenarios like... "plan to go on a fishing trip to X."
It was a smooth day, the report from the students was Ron was laid back, and level headed. They said they didn't feel rushed or pressured and were grateful Ron didn't make it feel like it was a race to the finish line.

I've got no complaints, he's local, he traveled out to my school, made a day of it, put my guys at ease before hand, and both earned their tickets. It was a good day, I can't recommend Ron enough. If I heard him right he can do pretty much any exam except seaplanes.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a DPE with availability in Tx.


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Wow! Yeah. Sounds like just the kind of thing to be doing right now.

Please note: if you need an AME right now, mine is likely available. Just be ready for him to tell you -during the exam- how this is all a libtard plot, and/or this all originated from Chinese weapons lab, and/or this is all because of dirty, dirty monkey-eating Chinese.