RIP Peebles, The Emotional Support Hamster.


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So funny unrelated story....

GF and I are driving back to her place to drop her off, and we pull into the driveway. As we pull in the lights reflect off a pair of eyes, scampering towards the corner of the garage. We park and get out, and the little critter is just sitting in the corner. It wasn't a mouse or any other feral critter you'd expect, but one of those little Russian mini-hamsters.

GF isn't a fan of critters like that, but we knew that it's life expectancy outside was about 15 nanoseconds considering all of the warm and cold-blooded we try to catch the thing. Imagine two grown adults scampering after this tiny thing that had run out into the yard (and nearly stepping on it in the process). Braniac here finally gets the idea to drop a box on it, which successfully captured the critter.

So now what? Well, the GF, who said she wasn't a fan, makes us get back in the car and go to Pet-Stuff-R-US and get a whole hamster setup for the thing to the tune of few Jacksons, including food, litter, a cage, tubes, a wheel...etc etc. So the critter then lives a life of luxury for the next 2 years...well past their normal life span.

When we named it, we tried to come up with the most ironic, non-cute and non-fluffy name we could think of, and so we called it "The Kraken". So when people asked how we came by it, we'd just say "someone released the Kraken".

I guess you had to be there...
Ya can't start an antidote/story with "funny story" as maybe it isn't.

Just sayin
Funny stories make the best antidotes, laughter being the best medicine and all.

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There is no evidence anything happened the way she told it. The airline says it didn't happen. No one witnessed it either. The woman already has a lawyer so its pretty clear what she's up to. This apparently happened in November and we're just now hearing about it? She was mad she couldn't bring the hamster so she made this up. Im siding with the airline on this one.
I worked airline customer service and people are in a fog of retardation/in a panic when they travel sometimes. If 2 people came running up to the gate in a panic with 30 seconds to door close and I told them to fight to the death, they'd at least consider it.

Of course, you could be right, but this would not surprise me if true. At all.


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Agreed. But I don’t think she actually flushed it.
I don't either. I think she made most of the story up. It happen in November and its just now a news story? If it was true you can guarantee there would have been social media "outrage" within hours of the incident. But she managed to keep it to herself, hired a lawyer, bought a new hamster and is just now speaking about it? Nope! I also bet there is not security footage of her even making a trip to the restroom.
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"Never tell me the odds!"
Snopes doesn't seem to buy her story either. Her excuse to have an emotional support animal is ridiculous.
While I am in complete agreement with you I do want to point out that Snopes is not the reliable source that people believe it to be. It is run by a very small group of individuals who basically do a little Internet research (while paid to do so) to come to their conclusions. Not unlike a popular website for pilots known to dabble occasionally in discussions about things other than aviation.

Heck even the founder is facing fraud charges from 2 different plaintiffs (one his wife and co-founder of the website).


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Snopes has never been shown to be anything other than accurate, much to the consternation of right wingers who are angered by the liberal bias of facts.
Ehh, you can still make something misleading and sway people to your point of view by something as simple as making the title "mostly false" instead of "partly true" without actually changing the facts.