Revising an Omission from Previous Medical


I am curious about what to do in my situation.

A while back I received a minor in possession of alcohol charge as a juvenile. I believe the case was dismissed and I am unsure if it was an actual arrest, but that's besides the point. As a result, I had to attend a single alcoholics anonymous meeting which I now learned constitutes an administrative action which I failed to report on 18(v) a little over a year ago on my first class medical.

I am trying to come clean on this and don't want to be viewed as a liar by the FAA under part 67.403(a)(1) as it was unintentional.

I know no one is after me at the time but I don't want that to be the case in the future.

Is this something I should wait to report when I renew or should it be brought to attention asap?

What would an AME's reaction be like if I did tell them my issue when I renew?

The advise I received from aviation lawyers is to get it resolved but it didn't seem like any serious rush. My main problem is retrieving documents because a.) I am away from where the incident occurred and b.) the nature of juvenile records themselves. Everything would be easier to get a hold of in a longer time frame before my next medical.

Thank you! :)
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They probably will issue on the spot. It depends on the AME. Some are afraid to issue while others are more certain of the FAA's requirements. This is why you need an AME who does at least 25 exams or more a month.
As an update, I have received my court records and arrest record from the appropriate authorities. Court case shows minor in possession/consumption as dismissed after attending an AA meeting. I have found an AME who has been practicing aviation medicine for over 30 years and holds an ATP certificate. I'll get more credentials when I make an appointment soon. Just one more question. I believe he is also going to want to see a personal statement on the incident/overall alcohol use and would like to get some guidance on this.

Should it be brief but detailed? What should the message convey?

Thank you, I'll update when I schedule.

I went to see the AME on the 10th to get this squared away on a second class medical. I showed him my documents (arrest record, court record, and personal statement) and explained my situation. He figured it was no big deal and would issue, just needed a thumbs up from the regional flight surgeon.

Of course their office was closed at the time so he held my application until today. They gave him the go ahead and I picked it up.

I'm hoping this is the end of this; I can't imagine the FAA wanting to see anything else because frankly, I have nothing else to show.

Just received a letter in the mail today along the lines of "You are eligible for a medical certificate....any future alcohol related offenses may require further evaluation etc etc."

Its over
So would this mean also answering 'yes' on the 8710-1 form question I.O "Have you ever been convicted for violation of any Federal or State statutes relating to narcotic drugs, marijuana, or depressant or stimulant drugs or substances? Do not include alcohol offenses involving motor vehicle mode of transportation as those offenses are covered on the FAA Form 8500-8, Airman Medical Application Form."