Regional Training Delay


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Yeah I heard a *rumor that skywest has 140 new hires in January alone. Idk how they can possibly put that many through sim at the same time and still do recurrent/upgrades.

*its only a rumor not verified info here!
Possible. They’re practically running 24/7 sim sessions as it is. Everything goes ok until someone needs a repeat or extra training, then schedules become, shall we say, creative. Full time sims in three different locations, the sim instructors are routinely working 120+ hours a month.


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I know it's not Boston, but Air Wisconsin has a CAE base that you can hold as a new hire, and hold a line within 2 months out of training...IAD too but that goes senior. Immediate training start + all the sweet sweet bonus money, lol.


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Not a pilot, but if you’re commuting to EWR from Boston there’s probably 50+ flights daily between all the airlines.