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Hey guys, it's been awhile.

So, I'm entering my junior year, so I guess it's time to start looking into colleges. I'm positive I want a flight degree, and I really want to obtain it from Purdue. I read today that their flight program is rediculously competitive, and that like, 76 people get accepted. Out of the hundreds that apply, I'm worried.

So, is it really THAT competitive? Or did I read something incorrect?

Would it help if I said I had:

-A 3.46 (because of AP and French, now that I don't have those anymore, I have a goal of 3.7)

-Almost (by time of application I will) have my Eagle Scout

-Guitar (band for first two years, guitar for second two)

-Football Team

-And let's say decent/good scores on the SAT and ACT (I take them this fall, I think?)

-Would it help if I was out-of-state and looking to enroll in AFROTC?

Thanks Guys,

P.S. Oh, do you know how many years of foreign language you need? I have three years of French. Do I need four?


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Like every job application you will fill out later, put your best foot forward, don't be bashful about presenting your achievements, and never ever lie. Then, let the chips fall where they may.

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With most aviation universities, the only number that matters is preceded by a dollar sign.


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Yes it has historically been that competitive but the number of applications is beginning to trend down slightly. They will be replacing their fleet within a few months but it won't be growing - the size will stay the same. Purdue limits the number of flight students based on the number of aircraft to ensure sufficient availability. My 'stats' were similar to yours and I was accepted but that was in 1994. A fourth year of language is not necessary but definatley wouldn't hurt especially if you can get a good grade to up your GPA a bit. Go out and visit the school this fall - talk to the profs and get their advice on how to bolster your application - everyone there is always willing to help (even Mitch if you buy him lunch and/or talk about running or fishing).

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I think you have a very good chance of getting in. I was pretty similar to you and I was accepted in 2007. I think I took only three years of Spanish and no one even mentioned to me that I may need more.

Like Jason said, make sure you go out and visit the school. I suggest visiting it in the winter to see if you can deal with the cold (wish I did that).

I'd also suggest that you find something else you like that you can minor in. Purdue is a big school with a lot of different opportunities and it seems like most flight kids have a minor or double major in something unrelated to flight.

I dont think the ROTC thing would help you much. Some flight people do it, others dont. I don't think it maks a big difference when they look at your application but I could be wrong.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.