Question on valuable time building


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Hope this isn’t a repeat question. Haven’t seen it here just yet.

What do you feel are the most valuable ways to build time between the end of training and 1500 (or beyond) when your next intended step is the regionals? I’ve heard some generalities, like instructing tends to be a plus and limited scope flying like jump ops is not, but not much beyond that. I’d like my time to both work to make me a better pilot and to make me more attractive as a hire... not just adding hours to my line.

To throw a few examples out there, let’s say you have people coming from backgrounds in:

Banner tows
Local sightseeing
Box hauler/cargo feeder
Part 135 EAS/small carrier (e.g. Boutique, SAA)
“Career track” flight school instructing (ATP, CAE, etc)
College flight program instructing
Mom and Pop flight school
Alaska/bush flying (pax or cargo, Ravn, Grant, etc)
Pipeline patrol/aerial survey
Crop dusting/ag flight

Any of these jumping out at you as good, bad, or anything else of particular note when it comes to building valuable time and skills… and making you a better regional candidate?

Thanks for any comments. I’m getting close to finishing out my program, which should end with a CFII to my name, and I want to start evaluating what options are the wisest.

Edit to add: I’m not as concerned about pay, since none of these are going to make me rich anyway, and almost all of them sound enjoyable (though I’m inclined towards 135 or instructing). Few jump out at me as “nope, not interested in that,” in terms of liking what I do. At least as an outsider… I know that may well change.