Pursuing the commercial rating...


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Just completed my instrument rating, and thought about posting this thread to the general discussions forum, then looked at some of the topics and thus realized my question is much more simple..... Anyways, my question is: What can I expect from commercial testing airborne wise... I already passed the commercial written with a 100 and I know for a fact (from previous experience that the written represents about 30% of the knowledge you will learn from your flight Instructor...) I understand that I can expect, lazy eights, eights around pylons, 180 PO landing's and chandelles... What else can I expect to become commercial rated?

Zapphod Beblebrox

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In the words of that great American philosopher Will Smith, I would suggest that "you get jiggy with it". By that I mean pursue the rating with all vigor and eschew undue delay.

The reason for this is that the FAA is re-writing the ACS or Airman Certification Standards as we speak. It is still a ways away, this is the FAA after all, but when the new standards come there will be differences and the entire process will be change. I don't think there will be significant changes to the actual maneuvers you will fly, accept for perhaps full stalls vs. approaches to stalls.

There will be changes to the way the check-ride is administered. You will be tested on decision making, risk evaluation and avoidance and methods of mitigation of risk. Who knows how that is going to work in the single pilot light airplane world. The FAA seems to want to incorporate some of the valid training initiatives that are in the 121 sector where they can.

There will be bumps in the road while this change is taking place. The evaluators and designated examiners will all have to be trained into the new process. Best to get it done under the old tried and true methodology before the confusion sets in.