Purdue Pilot Kit $650?


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Not 100% sure on exactly everything it contains but I know it should be sufficient to get you through AT144, 145, 243, and 248.


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No, the sticker is still extra.

Mine is peeling off....can someone send me a new one?



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It includes the flight bag, a bunch of books such as the Airplane Flying Handbook, Aviation Weather, Aviation Weather Services, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (I think), Gleim PPL, PTS for the Private, PPL Oral Exam Guide, a Warrior III POH, sectional charts for Chicago, St. Louis and I think Detroit, plotter, flight computer, flashlight, and DC H10-13.4 headset. I'll check when I go back in but I think that covers most of it. We sell it at the FBO I work for (Lafayette Aviation) and it is a fair amount cheaper to buy everything as a kit, rather than try to piece it together individually.


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'aight.... It's on now.

When I was still a CFI, one my fellow co-workers was a Purdue grad (and very good friend). Whenever he would come to my office to borrow dry erase markers, I would always make sure he got the red ones :)

btw...that guy is in the FBI now and carries a gun, so I should probably go light on the jokes around him :p


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Like we used to say in West Lafayette when someone asked directions to Bloomington - southeast till ya' smell it, southwest till ya' step in it.


(OK - I admit that was a little weak, but that's all I got right now)


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This will include a bag, headset, hood, VFR charts, E6B Flight Computer, and several books that you will need for AT144.