PSA Interview


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Hey guys,

I have my first Airline interview coming up on Tuesday with PSA! I’m pretty nervous and excited about it. I’ve been looking at Aviation Interviews quite a bit, and it seems like it’s a pretty straight forward interview. Anything else I should be prepared for other than the Jepp Charts? Thanks a lot!

Beefy McGee

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Prep for the written test on Aviation Interviews until you have that down solid and that part of the interview will be way less stress for you. Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before so you are more relaxed when you get there. If they ask you something you don’t know, just be honest and don’t BS your way through it. If you can tell them you know how to find the answer that’s better than BSing it.

But mostly relax and be yourself. We need pilots, like every other regional airline, so the job is yours to lose.