PSA hiring, again.


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It depends on WHEN you ask me that! The other night when I had my medical emergency and tail swaps (i.e. when I HAD to make up time) and LIDO was running slow & doing constant RAM updates, not too much. Sometimes LIDO runs slow, and it makes a bad day worse. When it does multiple, long RAM updates, you can't do squat! Plus, it has to talk to Germany all the time, since Lufthansa, LIDO's maker, is based there.

Netline Ops is quirky, to say the least. I think it would be better if the usable tabs had dark black letters though; since they're always shown in a slightly darker gray, it looks like they're not active. You know how MS Office will have black letters for an active tab or command, while they'll have slightly darker gray lettering for inactive tabs? I wish Netline did the same.

I can't compare them to anything else, because I haven't USED anything else. That is, I can't compare LIDO to SABRE, because I haven't used SABRE. I talked to someone who used SABRE when we had it, and they said they liked it better than LIDO. When LIDO works well, it's ok; when it doesn't (like the other night), then it's not. What do you think of them? Why?
Pretty much spot on what you said. Seems to really lag around 18z on a consistent basis.

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