Possibly making a comeback


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I am possibly making a comeback to the aviation industry. After seeing my former mentor the other day, he along with some of my friends spent a good few hours and multiple beers to try to convince me to go back into flying. I am thinking of biting the bullet. The only thing that is keeping me is the cost. If I do this I want to use a CFI and go 61, but unfortunately, our local airport no longer have a trainer, and the closest school is ATP. What will be a good alternative for flight school when you have no instructors in your area, and the closest school only want's you to work toward an ATP, when I have no desire for one? My goal is to either fly the caribbean (live off a boat) or fly small aircraft wherever (I.e. 135)


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So what level (hours, certs) are you at now? Where are you? I feel like unless you buy an airplane and find a freelance CFI, you’re kinda gonna need to travel.

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