Possible new SkyWest pay rates


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I haven't heard anything about any AMR flying, but SKYW is (or will be) flying former CoEx EMB-120 lines out of IAH for CAL. Good for SKYW, but I'd be pissed if I were a CoEx furloughee.


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The number of Coex pilots hired at Skywest will be the same as the number of new jobs created at Skywest by the new flying out of IAH. Skywest estimates around 45 crews will be needed to staff IAH, so there should be around 90 jobs for furloughed Coex pilots. Keep in mind, that will still leave over 300 Coex pilots on the street. According to the latest gossip (Should be confirmed later this week):
-Coex furloughs at Skywest will be Skywest newhires for all intents and purposes, except for one: When Coex recalls, they will have to go back, ie. they will not have the option to stay at Skywest. Otherwise, they will be treated just like any other newhire for bidding, aircraft assignment, pay, etc. purposes.