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"Popular threads right now"

gne in prog

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I keep getting ancient threads showing up there. Usually I notice before I bump a thread from 2007, but is that settings on my end or the site's end?


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This got me too. I responded to a thread from 2008, trying to be funny. Thankfully, @Derg was hella cool about it.

Now I check the dates before posting. This one says 3 hrs ago. So I'm good, I think.

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Concur. WTF, over?
It's not just that an old post shows up now and again. It seems every post showing up as "Popular Right Now" is ancient.
Can we blame bots?


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It's been turned off. Basically it looks at the statistic in a literal sense. Search engine traffic up to the minute, inbound visits, all without respect to freshness or whether or not the traffic is from registered users.