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Pilatus PC-12 PIC Pay


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I know there has been a boost in PC-12 Drivers, what is going rate these days? I know Pro Pilot Survey is showing really low numbers, what's a reasonable number for a Single Pilot 135 ops?

Also, what's a good day rate?



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It's going to vary due to location and circumstance. I would (and have) accept no less than $600/day + expenses.


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I charge $600/day plus expenses and do not have any issues. It seems like PC-12 operators pay in the $60's range from what I've seen.


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Haha, well PlaneSense, "Booty Care", Tradewind and Surf all pay a starting salary of 60ish. So that would be on the low end, considering they're hiring guys who're right at the mins. I'm more so curious about 135 or 91 operators that are looking for a more seasoned and experienced (not necessarily on the equipment) pilot.

I've seen some operators paying in mid low to mid 80s for no PC-12 time (but higher TT, or previous Turbine exp). There was a recent posting at 100k for someone with 500 in type. Any other similar reports?
If you're just flying the airplane, I'd say mid 80's, if you're managing it too $100k. Don't go by the pro pilot mag numbers they're way too low. The only places that uses those numbers are bottom dwellers


Direct BOOKE
Engine feather at point of failure, autopilot coupled to ILS and GS, bleed the excess speed on the way down, gear at about 300 AGL, grease it on.
My favorite was in the G1000 when I went to FSI for caravan school, depart some runway in ICT in 1800RVR, lose an engine at 600', swing it back around and land on the other direction using the pipper on the G1000.

That was good training, and fun too.