Personal IFR WX Mins


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How bout you?

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At this point I have 0.0 logged...

I hope to get some before my checkride, but if not, I'll definitely get into some actual before doing it on my own.

Good luck to all on your checkrides!


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Good luck ready2fly!!!! The instrument checkride is tough, but fun all at the same time!!!!

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Thanks mtsu_av8er!!! And yeaaaaaaah, bubba that thing is gonna be hard! BUT - that being said - my instructor is incredible (the new one) and has me feeling quite confident. He has stated several times that I will have no problems on the ride.

Here's hoping he's right!!

I've still got a few more weeks to get totally prepared (as it hasn't even been scheduled yet), so I'm hoping to walk in and knock the bottom out of the thing!

Thanks again!! I'll be sure and post when I pass the checkride.
(`cause I sure as shootin' ain't postin' if I pink slip the thing)