Person decapitated by helicopter at airport in Brooksville


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You'd be surprised. People don't see them, especially tail rotors, and people don't take into account just how low main rotor blades can droop. Assuming laypeople are paying attention at all.
A few years ago I repaired a Blackhawk that had a hard landing. The main rotor blades flexed/drooped so much that they severed the driveshaft near the aft end of the tailcone, cut through wiring harnesses, and almost completely severed the tailcone. All four main rotor blades and both tail rotor paddles plus the tail rotor gearbox were destroyed. It was a mess.
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Wife says my Harley is for sale or trade for new kitchen cabinets.
I'm not sure that's a good idea, unless you also want new cabinets. A slippery slope, she might insist that you sell your airplane to finance a bathroom remodel next time. Fine line to walk for sure, but happy wife=happy life.


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Wife says my Harley is for sale or trade for new kitchen cabinets.
Haha! Kind of an inside/running joke with me is people with Harley's always wanting to trade them for something else. Everytime I put something online for sale I get LOTS of Harley trade offers.
I'm never interested though because I don't ride motorcycles, and if I did, I'd build my own design from scratch. Anyhow, I thought it was kinda funny when I saw your post. Haha! Thanks.


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One of my fireman friends says that finding the head after a motorcycle crash is a pretty common occurance.
The local PD's Signal 30 unit was investigating a motorcycle fatality and they couldn't find the victim's head. Looked everywhere. Expanded the perimeter for the wider search, brought in several other officers & dogs. Nothing. Someone walked back to the body still lying next to the curb it impacted, then looked closely. The head had been pushed down into the chest cavity.