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For Sale Perrone leather jacket


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Jacket is a size medium with liner. It has never been worn because I just don't like to wear the jacket. I have always chosen to wear a sweater and the blazer instead. My name is sewn on the inside of the left side of the jacket and it has a name patch. Ill include the blank name patch and you can have whichever one youd like made to suit your particular airline.

Id like to get $165 and ill ship it to you for free.

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Nice... getting the jump on this coming October... and it's 'suiting jacket' not blazer. :)

I'll have one available to get rid of on about tax day when it starts getting warmer again. Size M/S (Medium short?) It's well worn... spends a lot of time balled up in the airbus or wedged in the overhead on my brain bag.

This will be the 4th leather jacket that I've retired.


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I'm a 40R, would this fit me?
I would say so. 40r is my size and is considered a men's medium or so as in an average male. I'm 5'10" and 170lbs and this jacket isn't tight nor loose on me. You could be +- some pounds and inches and be right in the ballpark.