People who occupy a window seat


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False, the problem is people with a window seat that leave the shade open.

12 hour flight, all anybody wants to do is watch a movie and try to sleep. But there's always one selfish idiot that has to open his window to look at nothing, filling the entire dark plane with light and waking everyone up.

I love the 787.
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For me it's not so much the windowshade as it is that person who invariably needs to smack gum in some sort of desperate attempt to pulverize it.


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...and leave the window closed should be killed. Discuss.

I think the worst flight I've ever had was a daytime PHX-ORD on one of those goofy AA 738s that's missing the window in 10A. Not only was I sitting in 10A, but the old bag in front of me had her window closed the entire flight. I never thought I was claustrophobic until that experience.

If you don't want to look out the window, why sit in the window and keep it closed?


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If you want to look out the window, book a window seat or pay for priority boarding.

If I’m in the window seat, I’m king of that window shade. It is literally the only thing I’m allowed to exert control over in my life.


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I prefer a window seat. Sure I enjoy looking at the scenery but the main reason I book window seats is because it’s easier for me to sleep.