Pax grabs controls on AK bush flight


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I remember when I was working on my CFI and my instructor had me go through what I’d do if I had a student that either had a death wish, or locked up on the controls and wouldn’t let go. I’m glad I never had to put that plan into action.
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  1. Open door.
  2. Push pax out door.
  3. Close door.
  4. Any questions?

Pax to bear food in a matter of seconds.


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"Get your F-ing hand off of the yoke or I'll break it" tends to do the trick.
Hit hard with the side of your palm (edge of your palm? However you say it in english) across the nose bridge/eyes area.
At least that's what I was taught to do.


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Why would this happen more out west than other locations?
More small air taxi ops where pax sit in the right seat. Don’t really have those kind of ops in the east that I’m aware of. Although I’d have thought “north” would be more accurate than “West”