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Ordering a New Fuel Hose


IT Manager/ Former Cirrus Charter Pilot
I just accepted a new position as an IT Manager for Anson County, North Carolina. Part of my duties involve overseeing the equipment and technology at our local airport (KAFP). We have an above ground Jet fuel pump, and we need to order a longer hose for it ASAP. Yesterday we had a jet come in for fuel. Our line guy had to fuel one wing, have the pilot turn the plane around, and then fuel the other wing. That is obviously not acceptable. Does anyone know of some good vendors that supply jet fuel hoses and the reel assemblies? The hose that we would need would be at least 150 feet long.


Well-Known Member
I do appreciate the link. I am looking through what they have. Luckily this was not a quick turn and the crew was very understanding.
You said pilot turned the airplane around, I asked if it was a quick turn.. disregard.
On a more serious note, hoses are available from a number of sources, call around the ads.
Never needed to buy a hose, but things like higher end grounding wire reels/clamps have ridiculous lead times.