ORD airport parking


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I am not sure if this is the right tab to ask this question but I need parking near O'Hare airport until end of next month. IF anyone can help, please send me information.

I have heard that most places do not offer parking unless you have a SIDA or are based with the airline there? I am NY based with Endeavor so i am hoping there are some parking options nearby that the JC community knows that can help. Much appreciated and thank you.

P.S. i will even take information for MDW parking in case i cannot find anything for ORD.


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Depending on where you drive from- rosemont had a parking lot and you can hop the train one stop to ORD. Probably more expensive than you’d want though.

I don’t have a SIDA and I don’t have a car so I probably don’t have any good advice.


The only lots I know of require proof of being based at ORD. Stop by, or email ORD parking (the office is around the corner from the blueline stop). When I was an RJ guy, I was able to use the "internal" parking, which they control. I don't know if being an Endevour pilot will fit their requirements.

PS. If I remember correctly, it took about a month to get...


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I have tried contacting local venues around but no luck. Even tried hotels. There are some specific employee lots but i am not able to locate any of those. Thank you both for lookout. Hopefully there are others that have some other information out there that i am missing.


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I’d call the ORD Marriott on Higgins. Tell them you’re Crew. Use to be $50/month. I’ve had luck with spot hero as well.


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Did you find a place yet? Another option is to park in a neighborhood with free street parking and take transit to the airport. Just watch out for neighborhood permit restrictions and snow ordinances. Pace Buses 250 and 330 serve the airport, plus the CTA Blue Line.


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I use to use blue skyparking near ord tell them your crew and its like 7 a day also there is a park and ride on the orange line about two stops from mdw you can get a montha pass for like 40 or 50 just be carful what you leave in your car


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It was too much of a hassle because everyone was giving me the run around. I need like a month to get something like this set up it seems but I only had like 3 days.

Thank you everyone for your input.