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Operations Control Specialist

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Era Helicopters LLC Lake Charles, Louisiana:<BR /><strong>DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES</strong><br />---------------------------<br /><ul><li>The Operations Control Specialist is responsible for overseeing and coordinating assigned flight-following activities;</li><li>Monitors and flight-follows multiple aircraft during flight operations to include departures, arrivals, intermediate stops and diversions;</li><li>Files, updates and monitors flight plans as well as tracks aircraft using satellite tracking position reports and/or by radio position reports;</li><li>Monitors aircraft positioned offshore or located at a non-Company base;</li><li>Dispatches, tracks, and monitors Search and Rescue aircraft</li><li>Manages two-way communications via radio and satellite phone to maintain operational control of Era aircraft;</li><li>Coordinates activities with ATC; Assists aircrew in obtaining required clearances for landings and green decks at offshore facilities;</li><li>Creates and distributes regional weather alerts;</li><li>Communicates weather conditions to flight crews;</li><li>Initiates Emergency Response Plan actions, as required;</li><li>Facilitates/coordinates with the Operations Control Center Lead, Lake Charles Operations, Maintenance Department, and/or Check Airmen to assist during an aircraft irregularity;</li><li>Records uploaded offshore fuel and maintains a tracking sheet of the provided information;</li><li>Is familiar with the contents of the applicable sections of the Operations Manual, Operations Control Center Manual and the Emergency Response Plan; and,</li><li>Performs other duties as assigned.</li></ul><strong>MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS</strong><br /><ul><li>Excellent organizational and communication skills required;</li><li>Must be detailed orientated and able to work in a fast-paced environment;</li><li>Must be well organized and be able to work independently and as an active member of a team;</li><li>Must be proficient in MS Word, Excel and Outlook;</li><li>Must be able to operate a multi-line phone system;</li><li>Must be able to accomplish a variety of assignments and tasks;</li><li>Previous aviation experience preferred, but not required;</li><li>An FAA/NAA Dispatcher Certification preferred, but not required.</li></ul>Our compensation structure is designed to make Era an attractive employer and very competitive within the industry. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package which includes an employer sponsored 401k plan and Employee Stock Purchase Plan. Equal Opportunity Employer

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