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Operations Control Specialist

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, May 19, 2017.

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    Midwest MedAir Omaha, Nebraska:<BR /><div>DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:</div><div><ul><li>The Operations Control Specialist is responsible for the supervision of all assigned flight following activities;</li><li>Responsible for becoming thoroughly familiar with the reported and forecast weather conditions, utilizing an approved source, on the route to be flown, including severe weather and communicating the information to flight crews;</li><li>Creating and distributing the regional weather alerts as described in the General Operations Manual;</li><li>Managing communications with the pilot via radio and satellite phone for continual communications and operational control;</li><li>Assisting pilots in providing flight plans, filing and closing IFR flight plans with ATC, and providing any assistance requested with respect to weather or NOTAMS in the area;</li><li>Continually monitoring flight plans versus actual satellite tracking position report. On aircraft with inoperative/MEL satellite tracking, ensuring completion of the required radio position report intervals;</li><li>Initiating ERP should position report and/or follow up communications be outside the specified intervals;</li><li>Coordinate assistance from the Operational Control Manager, Maintenance Department, or the Check Airman group when an aircraft irregularity has occurred in flight and a pilot requests assistance;</li><li>Receiving pilot communications on uploading of fuel and maintain a tracking sheet of the provided information;</li><li>Performing any needed communications assistance with hospitals or other facilities to obtain the required clearances for landings and open heliports;</li><li>Monitoring idle aircraft when not at a company base;</li><li>Monitor the progress of each flight, to include departure, en-route, arrival of the flight to include any intermediate stops and diversions;</li><li>All Operations Control Specialists will be familiar with the contents of the applicable sections of the General Operations Manual, Operations Control Center Manual, and the ERP; and</li><li>Performing other duties as assigned by the Operations Control Manager.</li></ul></div>

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