Opening for Goat Herder at KORD


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Posted: Sep 14, 2012 6:57 AM PDT
Updated: Sep 14, 2012 6:57 AM PDT
CHICAGO (AP) - The Chicago Department of Aviation is looking for a few good goats.

WFLD-TV ( ) reports that Chicago recently put out a bid for someone to supply goats to trim the grass at O'Hare International Airport. The bid also calls for a goat herder.

Amy Malick is the department's point person for sustainability, and she says the city is looking at a pilot program of 30 goats to eat grass and weeds in one, hard-to-mow area. She says the area is outside the security fence, so there's no danger of goats straying onto the runways.

Malick adds that the department also worries about pollution produced by mechanical mowers, so they're turning to the four-legged variety.

Atlanta recently started a similar effort, and San Francisco has been using goats for years.


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Amy Malick may want to order an impact study on Goat methane production :p (fart emission) :biggrin: and compare it to the pollution generated by internal combustion engines:def:


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With such livestock come the herders, two legged or four. Most popular is the black & white Border Collie. Borders are easy to get along with and even-tempered, instinctive herders who marshal sheep, goats, cattle and children with equal ease. They don't bark a lot (noise polution is low!) and they're average in methane for middle-sized dogs.

Dow Jones even used them at their corporate headquarters in NJ to keep Canada Geese away from their helipad. The dog would chase them back into the nearby pond, and since the geese didn't like life 100% in the water, so they'd decamp to somebody else's pond.

They're w-a-a-a-y smarter than the TSA guys, and they work for less.


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I grew up raising goats. Paid for my first car by selling goats at auction. Maybe this is my calling!

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4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
So when they decide to try the program inside the fence, does each goat need a SIDA badge?