Op Specs HELP please

I am at odds with my ACP, CP, and now DO on what appears to be clear as mud legalese to me...

C057 covers the basics for takeoff minimums. It allows us to use standard (did we really need an authorization for that, anyway?) and finally, it gives us paragraph C, the center if this great debate. In my opinion, C gives us a limitation, in everyone else's, it gives us an authorization.

The paragraph starts out with "when," which to my untrained eyes looks a lot like and "if" statement. As in: IF you are authorized to do this elsewhere, great, here is a limitation to apply to that other authorization.

Everyone else is reading paragraph C as being an authorization in itself.

That is the heart and soul of the argument. Of course, naturally we go to C079 and find that yes, we do have an authorization for lower than standard minima, but that has the limitation of needing two pilots.

I have been told 135 operators everywhere are interpreting this the way that everyone else in my company is interpreting it, which doesn't make me feel any better.

If I am right, then C057(c) is an if statement that does not apply when we are single pilot and not an authorization, therefore, despite paragraph (c) we are still stuck at standard minimums. If the others are right, paragraph (c) actually authorizes us to fly as low as the lowest applicable approach mins even in times when C079 does not apply (single pilot.)

Not to oversimplify, but just ask yourself, "what is the min for getting back in via a viable ILS?" That'll be your take off min if paragraph (c) is included in your opspecs.