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I think you would be ok as long as the amount of time is relatively small. In your example you said your friend had 120 hours. Assuming you have 1500 hours at your interview, this is not a large percent of your time. If you have lots of this time it looks bad. Kind of like having tons of safety pilot time. I would still want my high altitude and high performance signoffs however, even if not technically required. To me if you are going to log the time you should at least be legally qualified to act as PIC, unless you are receiving dual from an instructor for your instrument rating, etc.

The other post have good points. As Doug and A300 captain have said, expect to be questioned about this in an interview. To disagree with them somewhat however, if you need time for insurance purposes, this must be logged somehow. You cannot log it as SIC in a single pilot plane part 91. So, you would almost have to log this as PIC even when under the supervision of a qualified pilot, before you could meet insurance minimums to fly single pilot. I think the majors are alot more picky that regional carriers in logging time like this. For a regional it might be a plus to be familiar with turbine systems.


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Since we're on the concept of logging PIC time...

I've acted as a safety pilot for someone who is doing their 6 month instrument recurrency check. Should I have logged that as PIC or SIC?


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Depends on the circumstances. As a SP you're not required to log anything. The difference between PIC/SIC is the agreement you had/have with the pilot under the hood.