"Official" Weather Briefing


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And we're all doing exactly what LM wants. They get a flat fee, not a fee per call. So the worse service they give, the less work they have, and the more money they make.

Fortunately there are still good people on Flight Watch.

The people at FSS warned everybody about this; but what do they know? They're just the ones doing the work. It's management that knows it all, because they went to Wharton. :sarcasm:

Really, in the last few years, management has shown they know about only one thing: how to make money for themselves.

Sol Rosenburg

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I tried to do that a few years ago and found out how not so easy it could be. They let us in after a little interrogation but...jeez! How much damage can I do to the ATC system via the FSS?
I got into the Potomac TRACON and talked with a supervisor and took a tour of the "big room" and never once showed an id or anything, though they did have a a metal detector at the door. Funny since I tried for days to find a still operational FSS that I could physically go to in the area and failed on all counts.