Off meds 60 days


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Hi Rotorspeed,

Hopefully you will get some "real world replies" from airmen that have gone through the process. Even if you have stopped the medication you still would need to check yes to either box 18m (Mental disorders) or 18x (Other illness). One advantage is that if you have been off of the medication for more than 60 days you may apply for regular issuance through an AME instead of being required to go to a HIMS AME.

The FAA Airman Medical Certification Division (AMCD) may want to look at your treatment records to determine whether the illness you were taking antidepressants for in the first place is severe enough to deny a certificate. I would get whatever treatment records you have and give a detailed personal statement in the comments section of your application. I remember an airman with mild mood disorder who was able to stop his SSRI medication under a physician's supervision 60 days prior to his exam. With a phone call to the local Regional Flight Surgeon I was able to issue the certificate. If I recall the airman was then sent a Special Issuance in the mail requiring them to check in with me periodically for an update. Of course every case is different, but that should give you an idea of what is possible.

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Aaron Florkowski, MD
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Thanks Dr Florkowski for reply. It would be for ocd in remission. I wouldnt want to give personal files. Do yo think with good letter from psychiatrist would be enough. I understand you can only give opinion and not 100 percent


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