nyc trip


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Well, i am back home after a grueling 6.5 in the piper arrow 200. But all i have to say is WOW!. The skyline and the hudson riverr scenic is more than i could have ever imagined. I departed leesburg(jyo) at 845 local. After a mixup with my ifr flight plan i finally got my clearance and was off. I was vectored towards baltimore then resumed own nav along the NJ coastline. Flew V1 north to JFK. as i approached JFK there was a747 at 2-3000 turning base to final at my 1200. i was at 7000 and he had abot the same ground speed as me...i was getting 200 mph ground speed. he landed jsut as i passed over the numbers. pretty damn cool. then headed out eastern LI and landed at KMTP-montauk ny. dead there...not even a person in the office. so,i took a leak and climbed back in to depart to FRG and get some gas. took me 25 mins to get the plane started becuase i think i flooded the engine....was a little nervous but eventually depareted vfr west on the island. Is it me or does everyone and their mom ask for flight following on the island...and everyone gets it....including most of my route of flight----in DC you can forget about it. the controllers were great and the tower guy was even very cordial when he told me to follow the LIE and turn base at the microwave. I knew the road, but not the mocrowave. i explained i was a transient and he helped me even after i landed to get parking. departed ifr and asked the controller for the scenic. NY approach was awesome...those guys should be proud becaus ethey worked me in between LAG departures and arrivals...cleared me to the throggs neck bridge, then lag tower, then central park......then told me to intercept the river and report passing the statue of liberty. had a 737 pass overhead at abot 3000..i was at 2000. worried me, but no wake turbs. got an incredible view of teh city, shea stadium, lag, jfk, and a park i used to crab-fish at when iwas growing up. pretty cool. so, after 6.5 in the air i am beat to occasional airmet tango and some low vis in parts but all in all an awesome i just have to take that damn written and then on to the checkride......god bless america...