NTSB releases video about LJ crash at TEB


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Holy shnikes, that is an amazing bit of flying. What check airman signed these guys off?

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Can't tell if sarcastic comment (in which case funny) or actually serious. (in which case HOLY &#%@BALLS)
It's true...that was one of the things that came out in the investigation. They freaking drove vs. getting back in the airplane with these guys.


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Iirc it had mostly to do with the landing at PHL and the CA’s attitude
That is astonishing. I'm not even being hyperbolic....because they can't have been the first pax to think/do that...

...what level of hubris affects a pilot that they think this is an acceptable turn of events? Pax don't know aviation - true - but if you're freaking out your pax, maybe a little self-examination is in order. Jeebus.


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Iirc it had mostly to do with the landing at PHL and the CA’s attitude
I'll say, in fairness, the interview statement from said pax is a little underwhelming......sounds like a couple guys with no experience in aviation who got spooked by a little gust of wind just before touchdown, who were already spooked by a plane that wasn't fancy enough for them. On the surface, their decision sounds pretty damning, but based on what statements they made, it doesn't to me.......or perhaps their statements just failed to properly capture the scenario they experienced.


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Im still trying to wrap my head around putting an SIC in an airplane and not having him qualified to fly. Or was he qualified but company policy forbid it?