Not so fast (was: HIRED! (Props to my instructor) )


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In the now-locked thread, Eagle wrote:
Well if you mean being married to a drop-dead gorgeous 6ft tall redhead, who has yet to break the 145 pound mark

[/ QUOTE ] Pictures, please.


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Uh, he said:

(not having a single argument in the 10 years we have been married)

[/ QUOTE ]

And I would imagine he'd like to keep it that way...


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I've seen one. Very good looking lady!

But believe you me, Mr. and Mrs. Eagle prize their privacy.


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since there is no chance of me posting my wifes photos on here., (you need to go to that other website and give us your credit card information)

here is a good looking readhead to tide you over.



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uhhhh ... hate to burst your bubble there Eagle but your "she" looks very mcuh to be a "he."

Me thinks you have some serious questions to ask!



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Bark bark big boy

[/ QUOTE ]

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term "Old Yeller"!!

Thankya-thankyaverymuch!! Tip your servers well folks, they're workin' hard for ya.