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Has anyone done this lately? I have never been to Japan and I am curious how to show a return ticket if non revving. (The information I saw said US passport doesn't need a visa if <90 days and return ticket information is shown). Thanks!


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I've only done it once, but I just made a two way listing, not sure if they count that as a return ticket, but to be honest they didn't ask to see one when I went through immigration in NRT.


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What are the must do or just really cool things in Tokyo you enjoyed? We were also thinking of catching the train to Kyoto.


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I’ve nonreved into Haneda twice. Very easy. Nobody asked for a return trip, I jumped on the train and took it right from the airport to my hotel. Okay, three trains which was a little confusing at first. Leaving I got there early and got through security and customs in 5 minutes.

Check out the Shinjuku shopping area in Tokyo and go up in the Tokyo Metro Govt building next to it, for free. There’s endless stuff to do in Tokyo. Personally I thought Kyoto was overrated but worth it to go there for the Shinkansen ride. Forget airplanes, that’s the way to travel


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Just be aware that the Snow Festival is later this month and then cherry blossom s3adon starts in March down south and moves north.

Between Delta, United and Hawaiian there are about 10 flights a day from Honolulu (and Kona). If you have zed fare usage on JAL and ANA there are about 15 additional flights.


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What are the must do or just really cool things in Tokyo you enjoyed? We were also thinking of catching the train to Kyoto.
Literally everything. Shibuya, see the crossing, grab some grub in a small neighorhoody Izakaya or ramen shop, Yoyogi Park is cool but I'm not sure about this time of the year. If it's the weekend, there may be a "you'll only see THAT in Japan" cosplay area near Harajuku. Akihabara is mesmerizing at night.

Between company business and non-revving, I think I was in various parts of Japan probably on seven different occasions in 2017 and it's probably my favorite place, so far, to adventure around.

The people are warm, friendly, BUSY, but it's certainly weirdly magical for me.


You really Schruted that one
I was curious if I need to buy myself a myIDtravel ticket or can I just list for the jumpseat (if I have a jumpseat agreement on that airline) from US to Japan? I have to buy my wife the myIDtravel, but I've never gone international without purchasing tickets or riding on company passes.


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Seriously. I mistimed my going into the city from NRT so I was doing it exactly at rush hour and thought "Oh boy, this is gonna suck." Most polite packed train ride I've ever experienced, no pushing, no shoving, it just works.
Nobody pulling out box cutters to slash people who stepped on their shoes? How civilized.