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Will you be making it to NJC 2018

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Malko In Charge
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What? Boo! I'll have to come up to MSP for a day trip sometime.
Yeah, it is what it is....I tried all different combinations of departure/arrivals and couldnt get a trip on miles for less than 60k. Hell Im taking my oldest in December for 4 days for less than 50k.......A day trip for more than that just isnt feasible.

Stone Cold

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So in line with the “maybe next year” choice, can we go ahead and pick that date like now? I bid for 2019 leave this month or next.
Goodness...2020. What's a girl gotta do, attach a photo for ya?! :bounce:
Understood, but I think he's asking about next year...2019. :biggrin: This is 2018 now. I believe you're more off than I usually am on the dates.

My family thinks it's hysterical that I barely know what month it is. ;)


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I’m not privy as to what all is going on, but if y’all haven’t experienced the Void. I think that might be a fun group thing to do in Vegas when y’all have some downtime in between the other stuff y’all have going on.

It’s a virtual reality game running about $30 a person, but groups of 4 get to pretend to be Imperial Stormtroopers trying to infiltrate, recover and extract “secrets” back to the rebel base.

It’s at the Venetian and you can choose to do the Star Wars scenario or a ghostbusters scenario or the Nicodemus “Halloween” scenario

THE VOID - Step Beyond Reality

Inside The Void's Fully Immersive 'Star Wars' VR Experience: A Review

I did it with my kid at Disney over the summer and we both had a blast.

Anyways for those who haven’t done it and have a passing interest in Star Wars.
Still haven't been able to drop my 1430-0030 shifts Sat/Sun to get out there, and have my FAA AT-SAT exam in the middle of downtown SF at 1330 on Tuesday. I haven't given up, and will not until Sunday, but it is looking like best case I find a way to get out of Sunday but have to head back by early evening Monday at the latest. Ugh.

Don't want to bitch about the invite to ATC test of course, but it looked like I had a solid 3 regular days off with y'all. :(