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As many of you remember, last month I had the VP of Business Development for Delta Connection Academy call and threaten that I was in violation of the policy manual of my employer by hosting an online forum where people could speak freely about their experiences there and that I was at risk of termination.

This was their second attempt.

After consultations with my ALPA attorney, my contract administration representative and my own private attorney-at-law, I have no liability nor was I in violation of any company policy at any point. And my employer agrees.

I'm not naming names, but I'm sure he'll get around to reading it, but it was highly unprofessional to contact and threaten the online community which I built over the past decade and especially threaten my employment which he had no legal basis to do.

The Delta Connection Academy Forum will remain inactive.

I cannot, in good conscious, re-open the DCA forum where they can interface and interact with potential new students, unless I recieve a full public apology for the stress and grief to myself and my wife over the past month.

Jetcareers.com has NO LIABILITY for it's users. You can continue to discuss anything you'd like to. As well can I.


This does not mean open season on Delta Connection Academy.

We'll set the example of professionalism for the aviation internet. There are people from DCA that are members of this community that have been positive, active and supportive over the last 30 days and they deserve our professional respect.


I am reminded of an old saying - never make enemies on the way up as you never know when you might need them on the way down.


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Well...Doug may have to ask for a different instructor if he goes to the 767. That's no big deal, though. At the same time, those who have, or will, go to DCA should be embarrased by this. I'd like to see the DCA forums opened back up as it's good history about the place for newbies. If anyone thinks JC is anti-DCA, I'd invite you to go to flightinfo and do a search. Compared to JC, flightinfo will melt your keyboard....
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