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Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure if there was a sub for new members to introduce themselves or not so I found myself here. I've been a long time lurker of this forum but have never posted anything and I'm here to say hello.

Im currently a student pilot about to take my private pilot exam next week. I'm not entirely sure how I plan on beginning my career in aviation but am excited and nervous to start the journey.

Anyways hello everyone and thanks for letting me apart of this forum


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Welcome aboard. I wish i knew about this site when i was going through aviation school 6 years ago. There is so much information on this site that really does go a long way in your career. Good luck in your exams and *insert corny inspirational ending line here*


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Ask your questions, big cauldron of knowledge here!!
If you're not a little "excited and nervous" throughout your aviation life/career, it's time to get out.

Good luck on the exam......